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Shottisham Parish Council

The members of the Parish Council are:

Ray Kay - Chairman, Brook Cottage, Ford Hill, Shottisham IP12 3EN, Tel: 01394 410331
Email: ray.kay@shottisham-pc.gov.uk

Peter Widdup - Mill House, The Street, Shottisham IP12 3ET, Tel: 01394 411690
Email: peter.widdup@shottisham-pc.gov.uk

Philip Bouscarle - Saxon House, Church Lane, Shottisham IP12 3HG, Tel 01394 411215
Email: philip.bouscarle@shottisham-pc.gov.uk

David Wass - Street House Farm, The Street, Shottisham IP12 3ET, Tel 01394 411507
Email: david.wass@shottisham-pc.gov.uk

James Campbell - 5 New Houses, The Street, Shottisham IP12 3EU, Tel 07898 980696
Email: james.campbell@shottisham-pc.gov.uk

Parish Clerk
Lesley Roberts - 2 Square Cottages, The Street, Shottisham IP12 3EY, Tel 01394 410581
Email: clerk@shottisham-pc.gov.uk

The council meets on the second Tuesday of every second month at 7.30pm at the Trust Hall.


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